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Μου προσφέρεις ντομάτες και εγώ διαμαρτύρουμαι " Ό'ι, θέλω πομιλόρκα". Μου προσφέρεις βαζάνια και εγώ διαμαρτύρουμαι πως θέλω μελιντζάνες.

o- Our meetings are open to Every person who wants to do the job with us. They aren't open up to disruptors. Nor to any one who would like to implement the party line from the institution or of Imperialism on us, nor to men and women or teams whose intent is to rework the work-classes into a 3rd Earth espresso-store shouting match.

για τα indymedia ως μέσα είπα την γνώμη και δεν χρειάζεται να την επαναλάβω

China unveils stealth combat drone in progress A Chinese state-owned company claims it is actually creating a stealth overcome drone in the newest indicator in the country's rising aerospace prowess

Design a Emblem for Job Dryad six dias still left We are trying to find a emblem for Project Dryad, an organisation that works on little one rights plus the atmosphere. Dryads are tree nymphs from Greek mythology who will be tied to their homes, equally as humanity is tied for the Earth.

Uber wants to resume self-driving automobile tests on public roadways Uber wants to resume testing on community roadways almost 8 months following one among its autonomous test vehicles strike and killed an Arizona pedestrian

Venezuela's vanishing crimson chicken gets a coffee select-me-up An endangered, little crimson bird that barely fills the palm of a human hand has brought together a global crew including scientists with the...

Previous year one of our members was qualified by a Avenue poster marketing campaign done in bogus "anarchist" design, during which his Photograph was posted along with the insinuated nameless charge of becoming a police informant, Plainly focusing on our member for your violence that may be reserved for informants:

Facebook is where people link, and lately extra people have been working with Facebook to attach in another way: buying and promoting with one another.

A number of our names and sites are renowned and available throughout the telephone e book, the internet, and among our places is even recognized from House:

These ad types had been tiny. Only two people were listed as the audience dimensions for “how you can burn up jews,” and only one for “Background of ‘why jews spoil the whole world.’” One more fifteen persons comprised the viewership for “Hitler did almost nothing Completely wrong.”

η ελλάδα είναι ενιαίο κράτος ε και; η φτώχεια θερίζει και οι τραπεζίτες και πάλι ελέγχουν τα πάντα άμεσα πλέον με το ΔΝΤ

In the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville by ideal-wing teams that provided self-explained Nazis, Facebook together with other tech check here providers vowed to strengthen their checking of hate speech.

Just one illustration of the paranoia we're enduring: On December 2009 the cyprus “indymedia” administrators claimed that anti-authoritarians wherever intending to melt away the city of Nicosia at an function organized to the anniversary of your murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the law enforcement and the rebellion that followed.

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